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Welcome to our blog!

Southern Maryland Roofing Contractor

For 27+ years, Jerry Lewis Roofing, Inc. has been part of a special community of small businesses here in Southern Maryland. Things are different here, unique, almost timeless. But evolution is an unstoppable force, and times are changing fast.

There aren't many contractors left that remember the days of navigating job-to-job with their book of maps behind the seat, or physically hand-measuring each and every job. There's a million and one contractors out there now, but there's a severe lack of one thing:


We use every customer interaction we have as a chance to be the expert. We obviously want your business, but it's important to us to educate our clients so that they are armed with accurate, significant information to make the best choices in improving their residential or commercial property.

So long story short, we are going to be posting once or twice a week on subjects that are not only important to us, but important for past, present or future clients. And rather than provide our expertise in a manner that can just be chalked up as a sales pitch, we want to provide this information whether you are winding down for the night, or sitting on your porcelain throne.

Be sure as these posts come out to SHARE them. We promise they won't be too boring.

Talk soon.



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